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Belkin Wireless Router


Belkin Wireless Router


I have got a Belkin wireless router and pci card. This is for use in my home.

I have been told I need the "AOP Settings" so I can set up the connection between my pc the router and the internet.

Can anyone tell me where I can get these settings from or guide me the the right direction?

Many thanks

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Re: Belkin Wireless Router

"AOP Settings"

And who told you that?

Did they mean “IP Setting”, these should be in the user guide supplied with the router.

If you post back the model someone may be able to assist you.


Belkin Wireless Router

Do you possibly mean the PPPoA settings for the router to dial-up to the ISP?

Try this link

And use the connection info supplied by +net to fill in the setup screens and it should just work after that.

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