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BT Voyager 2100 wireless adsl problems


BT Voyager 2100 wireless adsl problems

I have just done away miles of cables and took up plus net's offer of the BT Voyager 2100 wireless adsl router and 2 pci wireless cards.

I had the whole system (2 pcs) working fine and connected to the internet without problem. I was then unable to connect to any sites. Plusnet support informed me my line was fine and the DNS servers were fine. I reset the voyager back to factory default and hey presto it was working fine. I lost connevtivity again (while reading this forum) and once again after the Voyager was reset to factory defaults I was connected again.

device status:

Wireless Network Enabled
ADSL Port Enabled
Downstream Line Rate 2272 Kbps
Upstream Line Rate 288 Kbps
LAN IP Address
Default Gateway
Primary DNS Server
Secondary DNS Server

Enable Automatic Assigned DNS

Internet Configuration

PVC Name pppoa_0_38
VPI/VCI 0/38
Category UBR
Protocol PPPoA
WAN IP Address Auto assigned
MTU Edit 1400

System; WinXP Professional.

Anyone else had this problem? And if so any pointers?

Many thanks for any info.

K Smiley

BT Voyager 2100 wireless adsl problems


When you lose connectivity does your router stay synchronized with the exchange? I.E does the Link remain on and constant?

Your MTU seems a bit low to me. Have a look at this courtesy of kitz, for some advice on MTU tweaking.

BT Voyager 2100 wireless adsl problems

I had the same problem - go to and download the latest firmware upgrade for it. Seems to have fixed the problem for me

BT Voyager 2100 wireless adsl problems

thanks for the tip wisehosting. I found this on BT's website following up on your tip;

URGENT - iTunes version 5

It’s been found that version 5 of iTunes can, in some cases, stop your Voyager 2100 from connecting to the Internet. To clear this problem you will need to uninstall iTunes 5 from all of your PCs and reboot them. Then download the latest version of the Voyager 2100 firmware from the Downloads section. Once the firmware has been installed correctly you can then reload iTunes 5.

I installed the new version of itunes yesterday.....mmmm...this could be the problem. Good old apple. I'll let you know how I get on.