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BT Openzone


BT Openzone


I've had a quick look around this forum concerning BT Openzone Wifi Access.

Could someone just confirm that my following assumptions are correct.

1. I can access any BT Openzone Wifi hotspot for free?
2. I login using simply my Plusnet username and password.
3. I login from the BT Openzone page by clicking on the Plusnet icon.

Is this still a trial, or is this access going to be a continued service?
Can Plusnet users access any other Wifi hotspots?

Many thanks,
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BT Openzone

The best course of action is to sign up to BT Openzone. This way you have access to other areas while roaming. It does however depend how much you are going to use BT Wifi. They have a monthly charge, day charge or by the hour. Good luck, I use the system a great deal and find it great. Broadband speeds where ever you call.

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It does what it says on the tin!

Had a practice at using BT Openzone ahead of a trip to Cornwall yesterday.
Log in to BT Openzone:

Pull down list reveals Plusnet,

Add your login name and password and hey presto you're in.

Dont forget to change your SMTP settings though if you are emailing.

Change from to and don't forget to change it back when you are done.

Alternatively create two accounts for the same email address with the smtp settings set as above for each.