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BT Openzone

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Registered: 05-08-2007

BT Openzone

i too am becoming increasingley frustrated with BT Openzone and gaining access through PlusNets service agreement. When I try to connect 8/10 times i just have a hanging connection. Spending a fortune in Mcdonalds on coffee!!The other problem I encountered was 'MyCloud'? this is a seperate provider? Plus Net have no service provider agreement with them as yet? :twisted:

BT Openzone

I'm having the same problems - tried to access it in 2 different hotspots but no luck - I think I'll give up trying it again.

>The other problem I encountered was 'MyCloud'? this is a seperate provider?

Yes it's a separate provider. If you sign up through Plus Net you can only use BT Openzone hotspots, but if you sign up directly with BT Openzone you will have access to The Cloud, T-Mobile and Readytosurf, though only if you pay by the minute or have a monthly subscription, it's 23.5p/min (£14.10/hr) or £25/month, not exactly cheap.

Pay directy to the operators:

The Cloud: £4.50/hr (Pubs)
T-Mobile: £5/hr (Starbucks)
Surf and Sip: £5/day (Cafe Nero, not the most reliable)

Comparison of operators that charge by the minute:

BT Openzone: 23.5p/min
PlusNet (via BT Openzone): 8.225p/min
Readytosurf: 2-8p/min (varies - depends on location)
The Cloud: 7.5p/min (can buy 60mins to be used over 30 days)