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BT OpenWoe


BT OpenWoe

Being away on business, something which I am a fair bit, I decided that since the hotel (Ramada Livingston) I was staying in now offered BT OpenZone access I'd give it a go. I decided to purchase 2 hours prepay and although I felt £8.80 was a bit stiff, I can accept that prices will drop as the service grows and becomes more widely adopted. In this however lies the kicker. I won't be adopting it anytime soon.

Firstly once I'd entered my Plusnet username followed by payment details on Tuesday night and clicked on the proceed button I just sat staring at a blank screen. After waiting for about 3 minutes I foolishly hit refresh still nothing. A few refreshes later still nothing so I switch off and thought I'd call support in the morning. Good thing I did, I'd been charged for 8 x £8.00 - 2 hour periods. This was rectified with out much hassle and my account was left with just the one 2 hour session. This could have all been avoided by a simple DO NOT REFRESH THIS PAGE message.

Back at the hotel last night I logged in again, expecting to be able to surf the net, check messages etc. Not a chance all it did was take me back to the payment screen. I tried a 2nd time, shutting down IE before I did. Still got the payment screen. I gave up at that point and decided that I'd just ask for a full refund today, although with 15 minute wait times for service & support it could take longer then I anticipated.

So on that experience I will stay well away from BT Openwoe and where I can stay in hotels such as the Tulip groups who offer free Wi-Fi.

BT OpenWoe

Just found out that they'd cancelled all of my pre-payed minutes, hence why unable to login.

Still I'll stay clear until the service has become more reliable.
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BT OpenWoe

Eurospot @ Premier Travel Inn’s is £10 for 24 hours. If purchased at reception.
(Don’t purchase on-line as its £17)