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Apple / PC Wireless Network help please!


Apple / PC Wireless Network help please!


I am currently an AOL broadband user, but on buying my new apple ibook i found out that AOL don't support PC/Mac wireless home networks.

Is it possible for me to join Plus net and connect my PC and ibook to a wireless networked broadband connection (i have no wireless equipment as yet)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Apple / PC Wireless Network help please!

I have a PC and an Apple Powerbook connected in a network using a Netgear DG834G router. The PC is connected via an ethernet cable and the Powerbook connects wirelessly. All works perfectly to give an excellent internet connection through Plusnet.

Assuming your iBook has a built in Airport Extreme Card you will find that it will automatically find your wireless network when first switched on and will guide you through what has to be done. You will need a wireless network card for your PC.

Just because AOL don't support PC/Mac wireless networks does not necessarily mean that they will not work with AOL, rather that there support are unable to help you set it up. Connecting a Mac is very straight forword as the Mac does all the work for you. Connecting a PC is a little more difficult but still relatively easy.

I hope this helps.