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Apple Airport and PC Laptops Wireless Network Help


Apple Airport and PC Laptops Wireless Network Help

Hello all,

I have two Wi-Fi enabled laptops running Windows XP, an Apple Airport Express unit and a Netgear DG-632 Modem/Router.

At present the DG-632 is running in modem mode and is connected to one laptop using the ethernet connection. The Netgear DG-632 Modem/Router has one ethernet connection and one USB connection.

My understanding is that if i run one laptop off the USB connection on the Modem/Router and connect the the DG-632 to the ethernet connection then the laptop on USB has to be turned on for the second laptop to access the wireless network.

Assuming the above is true (i am very likely wrong), it would be nice if both laptops were able to access the internet wirelessly via the Airpot Express Unit.

However, being a complete novice at networking, i am little confused about how to do this?

Any help, tutorials or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Apple Airport and PC Laptops Wireless Network Help

if you want to run the dg632 without a 'live' usb computer connected, you'll need to get the 632 running in router mode. That will then allow you to have the airport connected to the ethernet port and the 2 laptops talking wirelessly.

The router/modem config is in the Netgear reference manual. Make sure you know your adsl settings (PN username, password etc) before changing the router config.

To configure the airport from windows you may need to d/l software from apple.

caveat - no hands on experience of either unit.

Apple Airport and PC Laptops Wireless Network Help

Thanks for your help.

Software from Apple comes with the unit so i will give it a try!