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Any chance of a refund

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Any chance of a refund

I didn't spend much money when trying to use the wi-fi service provided by plusnet. I was trying to access the bt openworld service at manchester piccadilly train station. I connected quite easily.

To my annoyance it took me 25 minutes to try and connect to my hotmail account and login.

However once I'd logged in my train was about to leave and I did not get the chance to check any of my emails. (It seems a bit of a waste of money and time. I acknowledge that this was probably not the norm and the service had been down at this point, however is there any way to avoid being charged for this lack of service. I'm sure plusnet will be able to check the amount of data downloaded over the time period and agree that I could obviously not connect.
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Any chance of a refund

ADSL and wireless connection come with no service level agreements so no guarantee of service.

Therefore there is nothing to claim against.

Even if you could make a claim, it could have been BT or PN or Hotmail or even your laptop that caused the problems and there is probably no way to find out or prove who was to blame.