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Access to other vendors hotspots


Access to other vendors hotspots

I didn't realise when subscribing to plus's wireless service that you cannot access other vendors hotspots. Still, it's not costing me anything as I can't actually find a BT hotspot anywhere useful.

Anyone have any info on when we will be able to use Cloud, etc.? Support told me to ask BT :?
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Access to other vendors hotspots

I do not know what you mean, I have been to two fine establishments this week that offer BT Openzone access;

The Waldorf Hotel, London.
And McDonalds restaurant.

Sir Chilly

PS Never used either, when for Swisscom Eurospot, far cheaper.

Access to other vendors hotspots

Thanks for that Chilly.

Unfortunately my company won't run to me staying in the Waldorf Smiley and I can't see myself surfing in McD's.

I spend a lot of time in the Mercure (Orange France) and this week I'm in a Holiday Inn (Cloud)

I can use both of these with BT, but not with PlusNet.

Access to other vendors hotspots

I make it an issue now to stay at hotels which offer free broad band. Tulip and the Raddison groups are an enlightended set of hotels.

I would like to see plusnet offer a cheaper susbcription, I see BT openzone offer a £5 a month for their broadband users.