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54mbps or 109mbps modem/router?


54mbps or 109mbps modem/router?

I`m new to this wireless milarky.
Which of these configurations do I need?
I`m currently on "up to 8mb" connection but really getting 2.2mbps.
I`m looking at a Netgear 108mbps superG wireless modem/router
or the Netgear DG834G 54mbps Wireless ADSL modem/router/firewall

Ian Edwards
Posts: 1,634
Registered: 15-06-2007

54mbps or 109mbps modem/router?

Hi Ian

You wont see any difference in your ADSL line speed between the two of these routers

The difference in the speeds quoted comes when transfering data across networked pc`s in which case the faster of the two is obviously better but they still dont fully reach these speeds

You will be just fine with either of these routers and your data throughput will remain at 2.2mbps but if you do intend on shifting lots of data between two or more systems then the 108 would be the better