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54Mbps Connection Degrades to 1Mbps and then Disconnects


54Mbps Connection Degrades to 1Mbps and then Disconnects

My friend is using a Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps 802.11g wireless Router/Modem with the 54Mbps 802.11g on-board wireless card in his Toshiba laptop and he is having problems with the signal degrading and then disconnecting from the Router.

He had been using an Netgear 802.11b wireless access point with an Netgear 802.11b PC card installed his laptop quite happily for 18 months or so. The signal in his lounge where he likes to work was always poor and not particulalry fast but it stayed up when he accessed the Stock Market feed he uses.

He then bought the DG834GT so I set it up for him, uninstalled the 802.11b PC card from the laptop and connected his on-board wireless card to the DG834GT. The signal in his lounge is still poor but when he accesses his Stock Market feed the signal very quickly goes from 54Mbps to 1Mbps and then he loses connection to the DG834GT.

Can anyone help or does anyone know of anywhere else I can post that might have the answer?

54Mbps Connection Degrades to 1Mbps and then Disconnects

Is the signal poor or is there someone near on the same channel get netstumbler and see if ther eis any close on the same channel.

Netstumbler will also show you interferance so this may point you in the righ direction as well. Its a suck it and see to try and see if there is something in the house that is causing the problem.

I use an old portable radio tune it off a channel and wlak around and see if you can find any niose it often works to track it down. It can be tv video microwave phone cd player