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wireless security

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wireless security

I have a Buffalo Airstation G54 router. How do I make it secure? We have a desktop pc and a laptop, I know I have to identify something on the laptop, but  don't know what it is or how to find it. Any help will be gratefully received.
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Re: wireless security

In theory all you should do is
Once you hold in the red AOSS button on the back of the router for three seconds you have two minutes to tell the laptop card to respond through the clearly marked AOSS button in its software. The two detect each other again and the process is complete.
The beauty of the AOSS system is that it sets up each wireless device automatically to their maximum security levels. Should that be an AOSS compatible Buffalo card (Buffalo is updating some of its older products with new drivers to support the feature) then WPA and TKIP will be in operation. Should you have a wireless laptop or PCI card in your network that does not have support for the WPA standard it will then communicate with that device at a level it will support such as 128bit WEP while continuing to support WPA everywhere else. If there is a drawback to this system it is that any non-AOSS devices on the network must be introduced manually by extracting the required details from the AOSS management page
If that fails put simply you have to enter a key when the laptop tries to connect you set the router to WPA with a key of your choice and when you connect with the laptop you enter the same key. You have to set the router and laptop to both use the same encryption system including key length.
You dont say what O/S you are running but XP and Vista are normally fairly easy to setup