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wireless extender password

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wireless extender password

I've got the same problem as pullenuk. I hear what you're saying about powerline, but I already bought the netgear extender  Sad. What password is it looking for? I typed in the password I always use,the one on the
router, no joy. Do you think it's not accepting it because I have Plusnet fibre connection and not just plain broadband? Ideas and my PC are strangers. I  know very little about computers.
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Re: wireless extender password

Hey candp,
Where abouts is it asking for a password, is this when you're connecting to the wireless on the extender?
If so, It'll be the password for the wireless (WPA). You might need to check the instructions for the extender on how to access this password, usually displayed either on the bottom of the extender if pre-configured, or on the configuration page of the extender. You might need to connect via ethernet first, in order to check this.
Hope this helps,