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windows networking

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windows networking

Hi All
I have a problem with windows networking I hope the someone can help me.
I am trying to use a vonets wifi network device (plugs into network card then connects to other computers wirelessly a bridge )
I have a windows 7 laptop with a wireless usb modem I have set this up as an adhoc network and it is broadcasting wirelessly (my modem is detecting the signal.)
When I look at change adapter settings the network shows up and says waiting for users (but the icon in "change adapter stttings" says its not connected
I have set up the vonets wifi bridge, when I connect it to the network card in my xp computer the vonets shows up as connected as a LAN but no communication seems to be going on between the 2 computers. The xp computer is showing the wrong IP address ie NOT the ip address of the wireless modem that is connecting to the internet. When the xp computer tries to reaquire the IP address it is unable to do it . Any ideas would be much appreciated
Thanks Dave
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Re: windows networking

I am having some difficulty understanding what function the Vonets device is trying to perform (not helped by their poor English).  It looks like you can use it as a wireless adaptor with an Ethernet output in situations where a simple USB wireless adaptor does not work.  I sometimes use one of these Netgear devices in that situation.  The Netgear is more expensive and has to be mains powered but the Ethernet output is almost incidental to its main function as a wireless range extender.  I'm unclear as to whether the Vonets device can do that too or if it is limited to being a type of wireless-to-Ethernet converter.
If you are trying to connect two computers together you can do it one of two ways.

  • You can connect them together via the same router and make sure the network name assigned by each computer is the same.  That's the easy way because the router will assign appropriate IP addresses to both computers.  If you use this method you can go on to add a third, fourth, fifth etc device to the network and they will all be able to see each other.

  • You can make a direct computer-to-computer wireless connection (called an ad-hoc connection).  If you do this then it is up to you to assign appropriate IP addresses to each wireless adaptor.  This is the hard way.

Dave, unless you don't use a wireless router then you should not be trying to bridge the two computers together, you should be trying to connect both of them to the router.