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wierdest thing.....

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wierdest thing.....

upgraded my laptop to Win7SP1 last night, all fine.  Today upgraded Desktop in the attic room.  All went well, except I had complete network failure on it.  All I got was a 169 address, and it couldnt identify my network....  Thought it was the upgrade, so (stupidly i know), decided to revert to pre Sp1 ( I know, I should have troubleshooted the network first....)  After the system restore, still no network, so i started troubleshooting.  My Laptop, that worked fine after SP1, couldnt get a wired connection, in the attic room, but could get a wireless signal. The attic room network is fed via Homeplugs....  moved to the switch in the room below, and still no wired network access.  Blaming the homeplugs, I as a final thing, thinking it would be fine, connected the lappy directly into the router, but to my surprise, still got a 169 address, and unidentified network. Tried manually setting the IP, still nothing..... 
Switched on my Bluray player, and that also could not get an IP from the router, and its connected directly to it.....  I unticked the checkbox for use router as DHCP server, and the re-enabled it.  To my surprise, all now worked.....
Can anyone explain why wired DHCP addresses would not work, but my wireless access on the lappy could..  I suppose it could be the lease time, but the last time it picked up a lease was this evening, probably when i was enabling and disabling wireless.  Cant think of an explanation.....  Router is a Netgear DG834PN and was worked flawlessly before, uptime of the router is just over 2170hrs
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Re: wierdest thing.....

Networks move in mysterious ways their wonders to perform.
Sorry but I don't have an answer unless the router got it's IP table in a twist.

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