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sat nav app

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sat nav app

I was recently asked about a sat nav app for a phone but must admit I know nothing about how they work.

My own gps is used in the car and a second one used when hiking and always have a signal irrespective of location  due to the signal provided by satalites.

But how does a phone app work ? Are they reliable and does their use cost anything ?

Anyone got one and would you recomment any specific one ?

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Re: sat nav app

I use Google Maps on my Android phone which works well. Apparently it's more acurate using both satellite and mobile data connections but works well for me. It can be slightly slower at times than a stand-alone unit but does the job when necessary.

I do find, though, that my phone does lose the satellite signal at times but I think that is more to do with the phone itself than the app.

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Re: sat nav app

Another Google Maps user here, in fact my expensive TomTom just sits in a cupboard now.

Maps is free and the only costs are for any mobile data used while out and about. You can get Google Maps to download an area of map on WiFi before going out so even if you lose mobile signal, the map is still there.

Found that the mobile syncs better to the GPS signal and quicker than the TomTom ever did. And as Mav said it also uses the WiFi to enhance the location data too.

Also the mobile will allow for route planning using any form of transport not just cars. So bus, train, foot, cycle (motor or pedal), plane etc can be entered into the mix with full timetable details if needed. Great for planning a trip using multiple modes of transport.

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Re: sat nav app

I use HERE maps works great and can be used with out data if you have space to download maps

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Re: sat nav app

I use CoPilot UK & Ireland (£25-ish) and Navmii Free.


Both work fine without using mobile data, but it can be used for current traffic info.


Both can be set for either, but I find CoPilot better for the car and Navmii better when on foot.

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Re: sat nav app

I use TomTom Go (mainly because I had the previous TomTom app so I get a couple of years free), previously had a TomTom device but the app worked out cheaper than map and traffic updates for my device and I found it better (I used to use it on an 8" tablet until I got a phone with a decent size screen).

Goolge Maps is pretty good though and you can now download 'offline areas' so you don't have to rely on a constant data connection, as Google Maps has evolved with updates it's getting closer and closer to TomTom.

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Re: sat nav app

another here maps user, I try to keep it up to date while at home and I like the fact it will show my location based on accelerometer data even when there is no signal so long as maps is running, only problem is you have ot keep maps running the whole time for that and it does tend to increase battery usage so you might find you need a power unit to charge on the go with /

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Re: sat nav app

I also use Here maps. Mostly for the offline usage. (only the traffic is online, but I believe it doesn't actually avoid the problems according to some posts I have seen.)
I update them before going on holiday and usually the work fine for me.
Biggest + for me is they are totally free and allow me to add poi's as needed, like the camp site I am going to/staying at.
I tried a LOT of the others, I either didn't like the system or they wanted me to buy stuff to do something I wanted to, or no poi support.

Most modern smart phones have gps built in, so no need for a separate gps unit unless you are into tracking etc. But here are paid apps that do that, along with cross country for hiking etc.
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Re: sat nav app

Thanks to all for the information provided



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Re: sat nav app

I have used Google Maps as well but only when lost.  It uses a lot of roaming data, I use the cheapest Giffgaff goodybag and it will use a month's allocation at one go. 

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