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quidco + referals

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quidco + referals

If I refer a friend and place the order through my quidco account, will I still be eligible for the dabs vouchers? I know I won't be eligible for the referal scheme (ie 50p a month off your bill)
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Re: quidco + referals

I'm not 100% sure how the quidco referrals work (I'll get some clarification from the Marketing Team) but if you're not eligible for the monthly discounts then you won't be eligible for the vouchers. I'll get back to you with a definite answer though.
Edit: If the referred customer enters a referrer's username during signup, this will take priority over any quidco offer. The referrer will then get their monthly discount and one-off voucher.
Edit 2: Sorry for the back track, I've now been told that quidco will take priority. This means that any referrals signed up through quidco and entering a referrer's username upon signup will only get the quidco offer, the referral will be removed and no voucher will be issued.
Any referrer needs to advise their friends / family to sign up through entering the referrer's username if they want to receive their voucher.