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ps4/fifa 15

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ps4/fifa 15

hey guys, my grandson has been trying play fifa 15 via his ps4/broadband but cant seem to get connected to the broadband, the broadband works for his laptop and tab,
not knowing much bout the tech side of things, i was wondering if it could be the settings on the ps4? should it be this difficult ?Huh
Crazy :crazy
also and i know this makes me a bit of a plank guys, but pleeze bear wiv me lol!!
he also subscribes to netflix via his wii but as this requires a broadband connection this has failed as well! after being ok for weeks!!
god im having a bad day  Cry
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: ps4/fifa 15

Hi manic54,
Sorry to hear that you're having issue with the PS4 and Wii, it does sound quite odd if the laptop and tablet both seem to be working which would indicate that the broadband connection and wireless connections are operating as expected.
First up, can I just check how the PS4 and Wii are being connected, is this via a wireless or wired connection?
If this is being attempted over a wireless connection, is there any confirmation of connection from either console after the wireless username and password details have been input and submitted?
If the connections is being attempted via wireless, what results do you get by testing this with a wired connection directly to the router?

Hopefully if we can get a few answers to these questions, we should then be able to build up a bit of a picture on how things are set up and what issues you're seeing and diagnose the issue from there.