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problem networking 2 computers and printer

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problem networking 2 computers and printer

I just installed the TG585v7? and have succeedede in getting 2 comtersw to get on the net wirelessly
I also installed a Brother laser printer wired directly to the router and it works perfectly on both computers
The only problem that remains is getting the two computers to work together.
I tried inserting a usb stick to transfer the necessary information using the windows facility
Although it says that the information has been transferred I still get no communication between the 2 computers
I tried changing the workgroup name giving both computers the same
Both have XP SP3
Has anyone any suggestions please
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Re: problem networking 2 computers and printer

Both computers need to have different names, but be in the same workgroup.  It sounds like they are already on the same network.
Make sure they can "see" each other.  On each computer:

  • Open a DOS Command prompt (Start > Run, type "cmd", press Enter)

  • Find out their respective IP addresses (type "ipconfig", press Enter, note the first set of numbers - something like

  • Ping the other computer (type "ping" followed by a space then the IP address of the other computer)

  • If you don't get four lots of "Request timed out", then the computer can see the other computer.

  • Close the Command prompt window Smiley

Doing a Google search gave me an unusually straightforward and helpful Microsoft help article on the steps you then need to take.
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Re: problem networking 2 computers and printer

You don't need to transfer any information on a USB stick, just run the Network Setup Wizard on both computers and make sure the workgroup name is the same in both cases.
If that does not work you probably have some third party software firewall installed on one or both computers (Bullguard Internet Security, perhaps).  These are really great at blocking network access; you'll probably have to fiddle with the firewall settings.  You'll know you have a firewall problem when you find you can't ping the other computer (see post by snozboz). 
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Re: problem networking 2 computers and printer

I've had problems in the past getting two devices to use ftp (via wireless, via a common router) to work properly - tended to seize up after sending a couple of MBytes.
But it works fine if one of those devices is a wired connection.
I never did solve it - and I wasn't using Windows anywhere. Smiley