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private ftp and destop folder

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private ftp and destop folder

maybe I am getting behind the times anyway.. I have a plan and need some help. A while ago I could create a private folder on my plusnet ftp space, somthing like .htaccess then use a "tool" that crated a password, .htpassword. Then I had a private folder that needed a password to get access to. Is that feature/service still available on the plusnet server (in my account/webspace)?

My mission is to have a desktop folder on all my computers that link to that same private folder on the plusnet server under my account.


All that might seem long winded but I've tried to explain and trap all the obvious replies like.. use dropbox, Google Drive etc. as some on my computers can't use thse systems but all work fine with ftp.


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Re: private ftp and destop folder

You can create a file in /htdocs but it will have user=ftp, group=ftp

So you could create your own password file - but you would have to enforce your own security, since you can't run any scripts etc in the basic ftp space.

SpiderOak would allow you to do what you want (its free).

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