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printing query

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printing query

I use a dual booting setup, Windows 7 & Linux. The computer uses a wired link to the router.
I only ever use Linux when connected to the internet, a network switch is used to disconnect from the internet when using Windows 7.
I have a WiFi printer and whilst it will work with Linux ( I have downloaded the drivers from the makers website) there can be problems with some of the printed characters.
The disk supplied has windows drivers so is there someway I can use windows with the printer whilst at the same time not being connected to the internet.
I could wire the printer direct to the computer but if it's already set up to print via WiFi could this mess things up.
Thanks for your help
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Re: printing query

One possibility is to set a fixed (not static)* address for windows and to block that address in the router (or modem/router) so that traffic is not passed through the WAN interface. Not ideal, but does cover your immediate need.
* a fixed address is independent of the MAC address thereby allowing Linux normal internet access using DHCP
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