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plusnet hub and sling box hd port forwarding

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plusnet hub and sling box hd port forwarding

I have a problem with getting remote internet access to my slingbox- I have had Slingboxes for about 10 years and I have set up port forwarding in several routers BUT,,,,,just moved to plusnet - have a Plusnet HUB should be a simple job.

I see my slingbox on the net work and it has an ip of so I add "game or application" called SLINGBOX with this ip.

Go to advanced settings-firewall- port forwarding and put TCP as 5001 to 5001 save- its there.

go to slingbox "set  up internet viewing" and first allow it to try to configure itself- it fails and suggest manual set up- go through the process of manual and check the ip is as per the router and the port is 5001. The Slingbox reverts with internet viewing not set up. Go back to the router and check the network and slingbox is not showing. I have checked that the port is open with you get open port checker and the port is open. So why is the router losing visibility of the Slingbaox. The Slingbox is working on the LAN ok. So is it the Plusnet Hub which is defective?

Any ideas or help appreciated.



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Re: plusnet hub and sling box hd port forwarding

Which other routers do you have? Could you not use one of them?

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Re: plusnet hub and sling box hd port forwarding

Hello Mustrum

Yep I could- I have the  EE one which I took off to put the plus net one on about 10 days ago- and I had enabled it for  port forwarding - I have done it on at least 6 previous routers. I will re install the EE one with the plus net settings but thats not the point.

I believe it should be possible on plus net router - plus net "help line" is useless.   I have spent about 10 hours trying different things - re booting my slingbox to get differnet ip's - checkung the ports are open etc etc and its bugging me that I cant get it to work- just thought some one else might have had a similar isuue and found an answer.

I will set up the EE router with PLus net settings and see if that works.

Thanks for your response.



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Re: plusnet hub and sling box hd port forwarding

do you have Plusnet Safeguard turned on or off?
you'll probably need to have that turned off.