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people with Hearing difficulties

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people with Hearing difficulties

Hi Plusnet,
I only joined in July this year
I find I cannot e-mail you -
e-mail is essential for those with hearing difficulties -
you talk about 'tickets' but don't explain clearly how to use this.
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Re: people with Hearing difficulties

The preferred contact method encourages the use of the Plusnet Help Assistant, found here -
What's your question about?
Click a link and we'll show you where to find the answers on our website. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can ask our Support Team for help.

So when you have a question, you start by selecting the relevant topic link (e.g. Broadband, Accounts, Email, etc).
That will try and answer your question by narrowing down your query against existing solutions.
If no satisfactory answer is found, then usually you get presented with a box where you can submit your question in plain English.
Your question will get a response after several days, and you should get an email notification of the answer.
You can read or respond to your "Question" (or 'ticket') by visiting and looking in the "Your Questions" section.