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networking three comps

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Re: networking three comps

I have been having the same problems setting up a home network. I finally discovered that if I wanted to share printer on XP machine with Vista laptop I had to shut down Zone Alarm and activate windows firewall. Theneverything works beautifully. Of course when the XP machine is re booted ZA fires up again which means that you have to remember to switch it off if you want to share.
Hope this helps.
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Re: networking three comps

hi all
just a bit of an update.  I ve now got one vista comp to see the xp computer and have got file and printer sharing working on it by installing Tcp/ip v6 on the xp m/c.  Im still not sure what else i did but that one works ok. If I set up another work group on the xp m/c and do the same on the vista comps, can i use that workgroup to connect all three together as i think there might be  a conflict in the naming of the network and computer names and will it affect the internet connection through my netgear dg834g router.
thanks for all the advise so far