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nForce 430/gForce G210 and Win10 (for JayG)

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nForce 430/gForce G210 and Win10 (for JayG)

Quote from: JayG
Have you tried the update yet?
(Go on, you know you want to, and you know I really want you to too!  :D)

Firstly, the hardware:
Asus M2NPV-VM with nVidia chipset (nForce 430 graphics)
Asus/nVidia G210 PCIe graphics card
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (2GHz clock)
4GB DDR2 memory
40GB Quantum Fireball LCT20 disk (ATA-100 interface)
After a few attempts to get a copy of my system running on the sacrificial disk, I decided the do a fresh install of Win7 then upgrade to Win10. The fresh install took a couple of hours, including installing IE11 unnecessarily! It then took 2hrs 6mins to upgrade to Win10 (no internet connected) Shocked
13:00 start
13:12 setup complete, including activating Win7
13:25 start of upgrade, with the message "sit back and relax" - more like "have a nap"
      copy files (with display of %ge)
14:20 reboot, followed by busy indicator then black screen (annoying, as I like evidence that it hasn't "locked up")
14:23 start installing features and drivers (with display of %ge)
14:38 reboot, followed by busy indicator then black screen
14:40 start configuring settings (with display of %ge)
14:52 request to input password
15:00 start finalising settings followed by black screen then various annoying messages
15:06 system available for use
It then took another 10 minutes to download and install the nVidia driver package to get a 1920x1080 display
Cannot say I'm too impressed at the moment, but I have not tried to get a simple/short menu structure yet (far too much scrolling) - just need to find the "classic" version. I also used the "english" DVD download (forgetting MS use that for US english) instead of the "International English", so the system language seems stuck at "en-us" - the rest is "en-gb" though. Roll_eyes
For comparison, I recently installed openSUSE 13.2 (KDE version) on the same disk - it took about 45 minutes to complete and log in, including formatting partitions and downloading just over 3.5GB (uncompressed size) of files Cheesy
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Re: nForce 430/gForce G210 and Win10 (for JayG)

Thanks for taking the trouble Peegee - glad to hear you didn't have the graphics card recognition problems reported elsewhere.
With people's experiences of the upgrade racking up rapidly both here and elsewhere I shall continue to sit on my hands for a while - no doubt I'll finally decide to take the plunge and buy a low power graphics card to enable me to do the upgrade on the same day a SMART scan tells me my PC is rapidly approaching retirement age!  Roll_eyes