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mac Trash could not be emptied.... Solution

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mac Trash could not be emptied.... Solution

Using a mac notebook I haven't used for a while on Holiday, I got the following error message when trying to Empty Trash ...
“Trash” can’t be opened right now because it’s being used by another task, such as moving or copying an item or emptying the Trash.
Try again when the current task is complete.

I removed items, deleted them individually, in case of a rogue item, same error message when emptying trash.
For "stuck" items I usually use Trash It, which works perfectly, but was becoming necessary every time I emptied Trash.
Did a Google search... many varied and complicated solutions, including turn off iMac, restart, then empty trash !!
Several variations on Terminal Commands !
Time consuming, and losing some menu settings on some apps.
Found a simple solution...

Force Quit... Finder relaunch.... Empty Trash

Hope it's of some use to others.