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is bittorrent safe to use

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is bittorrent safe to use

hi there i am new to the community i have an question is BitTorrent safe to use for it's intended purpose as i have went into safe settings in my plus net part of the website and turned on block p2p as i know that p2p is unsafe or is that untrue see if you are using it for it's intended purpose will it be safe e.g. downloading Linux OS instead of direct download.

but is direct download safer to do than BitTorrent can anyone help me with this question as i am running Linux pop OS that is working fine.



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Re: is bittorrent safe to use

Welcome to the community James79.

The BitTorrent protocol is safe enough in itself, I use the KTorrent client that comes as part of the KDE desktop. It is my preferred method of downloading new Linux releases.

As ever, ensure that your OS, Firewall, and Anti-Malware packages are all up to date.