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fibre in the home

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fibre in the home

hopefully I may be getting FTTP soon, so I was wandering about eBay looking for suitable routers / switches etc and stumbled across fibre switches and NICs
I didn't know there was such a thing, but now I know I'm wondering how hard it would be to put together a fibre LAN ...
I have tried googling but a lot of results are several years old and just go on and on about how expensive it would be and how they can't see the point - maybe there isn't much point, but parts are cheaper now ... is it feasible? could a (reasonably competent) home user do it?
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Re: fibre in the home

Unless you have a very large home (>100M cable runs) then the benefit of installing fibre will be massively out weighted by the cost.
When I used to install networks in schools, the only time a fibre link was installed was if the building was an outbuilding (easier to blow a fibre to the building than a cat5e cable) or it was >100M from the main cabinet.
You would have to install fibre endpoints, polish the ends to connect them and use fibre transceivers at each end. (And connect them rx-tx/tx-rx that was always fun)