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fao anyone in the know?

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fao anyone in the know?

im expecting to be live tomorrow  Cheesy finally but i got a message off talk talk today. its a reply to a message i sent them asking them why are they holding my number. anyone clear this up for me please? can someone from plusnet please tell me iv not got to wait longer?.  Cry
Dear missMasson,
Thank you for contacting us in relation to your MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) request.
Please note that we are unable to generate a MAC for the type of line that you have. The purpose of a MAC is to transfer a Broadband service across the BT network but because you are on the TalkTalk network we are unable to produce this code. In order to transfer your Broadband to another provider you will first need to take your telephone line back the to BT network.
You will need to contact BT and ask them to take over your line. BT will then send an engineer out to your local exchange who will unplug your line from the TalkTalk part of the exchange and plug it back into the BT exchange. This will give you a clear line to get broadband with another provider, please note that you may be tied into contract with BT for the Line Rental but would be able to move your Broadband and calls elsewhere. Alternatively, your new provider would need to set you up on a new line with a new telephone number in order to provide you with a full service.
If you advise your new provider that you are on LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) they should know that it is impossible to generate a MAC code.
Further details regarding this can be found on the Ofcom website:
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: fao anyone in the know?

I've replied to your other thread.