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dray teck routers

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dray teck routers

DrayTek has issued a warning on their website, their vigor routers are susceptible for hacking Shocked

More than 700,000 devices are potentially affected. WOW Ticked_off

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Re: dray teck routers


Thanks for that although I'd already seen it elsewhere.  Wink

I'm not sure what the present situation is with the whole range of DrayTek routers, but there's a new firmware available for the one I use (Vigor 2920Vn) as of yesterdays date which includes a fix for the DNS hijacking problem, so Brownie points awarded to DrayTek.


A couple of links for DrayTek users;

Main FTP site to download firmware

Vigor 2920 series users


Edit:  it seems I was being a bit hasty in calling the new firmware a fix, here's a quote from the release notes:

This firmware includes improvements to harden the web interface against attacks. We

have become aware of specific attacks against router, including DrayTek models where

hackers have altered specific settings relating to your DNS servers and DHCP settings.

You should urgently check those settings on your router. If they appear to have been

tampered with, correct them and change your admin password and for any other config

anomalies. Restore a config backup if you have one (from prior to the attack). We

continue to investigate this issue but the first priority was to issue updated firmware.