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disconnect same time every day

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disconnect same time every day

Since joining plusnet on 9/1/2019 i have been disconnected every day at approximately 4am. One of those times took several attempts to get it to reconnect. I have had one other disconnect at a different time. So that is 6 disconnects and i haven't been with you a week yet. The information given with the router says to leave it connected, especially at the start of service to properly set up the broadband. How am i suposed to do this if the router or the service is consistently disconnecting.

Have i made a terrible mistake joining plusnet Huh


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Re: disconnect same time every day


@Tomgw66, please factory reset your router by inserting something into the pinhole at the rear of the device until the status light flashes green.

Your problem is the result of your router being dispatched whilst your account was in an odd state. This causes the wrong information to be sent to our hardware management platform, and each morning it's causing the wrong connection credentials to be pushed to your device.

I've made some changes this side that should fix things following a factory reset.

Apologies for the hassle.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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