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buying a new tv ?

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buying a new tv ?

I'm a pensioner and  am replacing my old tv, but the market has me confused,I watch the main 5 channels and freeview ,I have no interest in netfix and other streaming services,lthough I have on occassions streamed bbc on my desktop as i have fibre broadband and i could change to main problem is choosing a tv, there is oled qled led  lcd  smart tv 4k the list is endless all I really want is a tv about 50" with a good sound and picture I would'nt dare go into tv shop and take what the sales assistant wanted to sell, so i'ts help help any suggestions



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Re: buying a new tv ?

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Re: buying a new tv ?

I usually buy a magazine (or two) called Which TV or something like that.  I don't know whether they still exist.  You are right not to buy the one the salesperson wants to get rid of.

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Re: buying a new tv ?


I've pasted a few links below from some of the common review sites, which in the absence of magazines mentioned by Jonpe may be helpful in answering some of your questions.  You can probably find more if you Google, including those of various retailers which I haven 't bothered to include.


It might also be useful to read some of the forums at

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Re: buying a new tv ?

Just been to our local Lidi they had a Sharp 42 inch TV for £259 had quite a few looked very good

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Re: buying a new tv ?

@henryj @Smith7 

Re Lidl 1 year waranty. I recommend John Lewis (5 years) or Richer Sounds (6 Years)


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Re: buying a new tv ?

+1 for Richer Sounds.

If you're lucky enough to have a branch near you - knowledgeable staff and not pushy. Competitive pricing too. 🙂

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Re: buying a new tv ?

And for things other than TVs which come with their own long guarantee, RicherSounds also offer extended warranties on many items which take the gamble out of whether it will be money wasted, by offering, quote:  "6 Year Guarantee (£X.xx) Fully refundable if unused"

The only catch AFAIR is you have to remember to re-claim that fee!


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Re: buying a new tv ?

Our Panasonic plasma recently packed up and so we had to look around for a replacement as we couldn't get spare parts.  Like many folks we subscribe to Which magazine and chose to follow their recommendation and bought a LG smart TV model OLED 48CX5LC.  It gets rave reviews primarily because it has the same high definition as larger sets but in a 48 inch screen size, which means that the picture is that bit sharper.  Sound quality is very good as well.

It well worth the look if you can find one.