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YouTube Insanity

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YouTube Insanity

Hi, first post.
Anyways, I'm having problems viewing stuff on YouTube. This is probably an old and boring problem but it's driving me insane. Basically, I get the message about 'not having Javascript enabled and not having the right Flash player'.
However, I do have Jave enabled and I have downloaded the correct version of Flash Player - several times. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, I've checked all the little boxes in Internet Options that need checking - I've even tried turning off the pop-up blocker and so forth and listing YouTube as a 'trusted site', yet still the same message! I use Windows XP and IE7 and Firefox and this happens on both.
I also have Quicktime installed and enabled but ocassionally I still get the annoying Q sign on many sites.
This is very frustrating. I'm not a tech-head, please help!!!!!
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Re: YouTube Insanity

You have JAVA installed but the problem is with javascript which is not the same thing. I have come across a few pc's were javascript wasnt working for some strange reason and some programs wont install without it like FLASH.
download the small javascript scripting from MS
Install it and see if that solves the problem if not then its a firewall security setting stopping it running try this page
It shows you how to turn it on in most browsers