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You Can Now Download OS X Betas Legally Without A Developer Account

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You Can Now Download OS X Betas Legally Without A Developer Account

OS X Beta Seed Program
Hitherto, those looking to test out beta releases of Apple’s OS X would need to sign up to the Developer Program, which, for $99 per year, looked quite a steep fee for the casual, inquisitive user.
Now, however, the Cupertino company has introduced a new OS X Beta Seed Program, whereby users can test out pre-release builds of the Mac software simply by signing up with an Apple ID – no annual fee required.

Launch Feedback Assistant
Once you have enrolled your Mac for beta updates and installed the OS X 10.9.3 beta, you will find Feedback Assistant in your Dock.
Enroll Your Mac
Sign in with your Apple ID
Sign in with the same Apple ID that you used to register for the OS X Beta Seed Program.
Give us your feedback
Reporting any issues you encounter is easy. Just fill out the step-by-step form, review your answers and diagnostic files, and send them to Apple.

Usual caveats......
Note the emphasis on the word..... Beta.
OS X Beta Seed Program
Backup, and backup again before downloading, and during Beta Testing

And to return to your previous version of Mavericks
OS X: About OS X Recovery
OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks include OS X Recovery.
This feature includes all of the tools you need to reinstall OS X, repair your disk, and even restore from a Time Machine backup without the need for optical discs.