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Yahoo Mail Replacement

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Yahoo Mail Replacement


Despite being with Geocities and Yahoo since the mid 90s I now need a viable alternative - I'm sick of their useless spam/malware filters, their OATH policy, the ad spam and most recently their barmy insistence on forcing users to work only inside the handful of very specific versions of specific browsers that they don't actively cripple (unless you're happy to revert to a UI from 15 years ago, forget about using opensource Firefox derivatives in long term support).


I have the PN email of course, but to be honest never actually got round to using it although the basis for that was years ago when people were complaining about it.

I also have a gmail account, but frankly it's way worse than Yahoo for being a spam magnet, plus there's something about how it lacks folder concepts drives me totally round the bend.

Anybody got a good recommendation on something that has folders like Yahoo Mail and is likely to be around for 20 years, doesn't accumulate spam like there's no tomorrow, has decent configurable filters, and is browser agnostic?

Thanks in advance



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Re: Yahoo Mail Replacement

Hotmail works fine for me in Firefox and it has been my main personal email for a long time. It is very configurable and very responsive.

I usually collect and send using Thunderbird.but configure via the web.

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Re: Yahoo Mail Replacement

I also have a gmail account, but frankly it's way worse than Yahoo for being a spam magnet

It is not the services which behave like "spam magnets" but far more to do with where you have used / disclosed your email address / it has been harvested from / leaked to.

One of the features I like most about the Plusnet email service (and similar) which has (have) a catch-all facility so that anything@your-domain.tld is a permissible email address, but all emails (not matching an otherwise specific name) are placed in one default mailbox.  I use this feature to give each organisation I deal with, a unique email address.  If any such email address becomes a source of spam, it can be easily ditched and directed to the black hole.

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Re: Yahoo Mail Replacement

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Re: Yahoo Mail Replacement

I've used Pegasus Mail from my very first computer.



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Re: Yahoo Mail Replacement

Yahoo mail has been a pain for years BUT their disposable email addresses is what keeps me there.

I rarely hand out my real email address these days and my spam has dropped from several thousand per week to tens... all of which go in the spam folder.

Go into settings, security, create a basename and then start using disposable email addresses instead. You can receive and send from them and delete them at any time.

That doesn't get you away from the rest of yahoo's problems but it may help. 

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