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XP to Win 7 upgrade

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XP to Win 7 upgrade

I recently upgraded from Win XP to Win 7 Professional. As part of the process windows 7 created a folder called old windows which also preserved my documents and other files which was an unexpected bonus. I was led to believe I had to do a custom install which meant a clean install.
Now I’ve got all my files organised in Win7 I’ve decided to get rid of the old windows files so using disk clean up I’ve cleaned up and got rid of the old Win XP files. The problem is that on boot up I still get a screen saying do I want Windows 7, previous windows or the recovery sector when in fact I want to start win 7 directly. I was hoping the clean up would have included getting rid of this now redundant step.  It looks a bit like the dual boot screen I had when I tried mint and Ubuntu in the past.

Is there an easy way of getting to start windows 7 and by passing the redundant dual boot?
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Re: XP to Win 7 upgrade

You can just reduce the delay time on the menu to say 1 second and make W7 the default.
Somewhere in Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings.  Wink