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Word 2003 - odd delay problem - fixed

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Word 2003 - odd delay problem - fixed

Edit - it was all due to using a network printer as the default printeEmbarrassed
I have an odd problem which only started recently.
In Word if I right click on a document and select font it stalls for about 20 secs. The same thing if I select Format then Font from the menu bar.
While Word is running (or Outlook which uses Word) and having done it once it is instantaneous.
It would appear that word can't find the bit it is looking for.
I tried a repair install then an uninstall and install to no effect.
One thing did surprise me. When I uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled all the settings were still there so the uninstall obviously leaves a lot of stuff behind.
I am running Vista 64 bit
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Re: Word 2003 - odd delay problem - fixed

Just imagine if that had been up in the clouds like the BBC was pushing on the 6 oclock news