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Wireless router overheating?

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Wireless router overheating?

So I've only recently caught up with the modern world and started using broadband (about a month or so). Have had no problems at all with my wireless router seemingly overheating up untill now. I hooked my xbox 360 up to it a few days back and since then the router has been pretty warm to touch, even with my xbox shut down and my laptop offline. Despite this everything is still working fine. Just wondering if this is normal or not, or I've made myself a fool asking a silly question?  Roll eyes
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Re: Wireless router overheating?

they will run hot and diffrent makes an models are warmer than others.
my netgear dg834g is stood on its side to get good airflow and is still rather warm.
if you cant bear to keep your hand on there then i would be abit  Shocked but if you cant make sure the thing has gd airflow. loads of surrgestion come up in google search like placing on metal box ect ect to how well they work i dont know