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Windows useability tip

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Windows useability tip

This could be the biggest practical improvement to Vista/Win7 I have found!
Ever since using Vista and now Win7, I have found a small but continuous annoyance that the focus never seems to be where you want it. For example, in an application, I go to File - Open, get an Explorer window pop up, and the scroll wheel doesn't do anything because the focus is not in the central pane. I have other applications that do similar things, and I always have to remember to click in the pane first before the scroll will work.
A solution. Install XMouseControl. It has an option marked, "Make scroll wheel scroll window under cursor". 
It now just scrolls wherever the cursor is, and is so much nicer to use.
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Re: Windows useability tip

I must try that - it sound so logical that you wonder why Microsoft get it so wrong Cheesy