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Windows firewall and ping,net

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Windows firewall and ping,net

Today i got round to updating comodo firewall. I have done a ping test on and the results are good, anyway i have just checked to see if windows had turned on its firewall as i had uninstalled the old comodo to install the update and yes windows had turned on its firewall. When i turned off windows firewall as i have comodo and done a ping test on the same server i got a completely different result. Why is this? are they conflicting?
With windows and comodo firewall on...

With Windows firewall off and comodo on...
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Re: Windows firewall and ping,net

No idea mate but one thing I did notice years ago when messing around with UPnP and programatically adjusting ports etc was that despite being turned off the windows firewall can still remain active in some ways. IE it still controls UPnP port access (if UPnP is enabled), it still controls port forwarding and for some things (like ICMP - aka Ping) you still need to add it to the exceptions list.
Windows firewall is a pain in many ways but in others its actually simplified tasks like upnp and port redirects - none of which were easily done on Win98.
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