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Windows Essentials

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Windows Essentials

I’m hoping that the knowledgeable members here can help me with a query concerning Windows Essentials
On starting the pc I receive a notification of a Windows Essentials update that is available. I’m sure I’ve never used any of the facilities available in Essentials. I notice that Windows Mail is incorporated and didn’t want to allow the update and, in some way, allow WM to ‘take over’ my email addresses that I want to use Thunderbird and webmail to access.
Can I easily allow the update but disallow WM access to my email accounts? Also, does anyone find the facilities available in WE useful and in what way please?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Windows Essentials

If you've not set up any email accounts in windows live mail then it should be fine to update - though microsoft do have a habit of letting their updates change your default programs settings. If that happens it may be that WLM opens up when you click on an email link but as there's no accounts set up you should be fine - and can then change your default email program back to whatever you prefer it to be.
If you have set up mail accounts then if you don't need them (or any mail saved in them) you could delete the account - but otherwise if you're not using it you should be fine.