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Windows 7 Explorer preview pane and Excel 2010

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Windows 7 Explorer preview pane and Excel 2010

Just getting to find my way around Windows 7 and have found a real oddity.
If I select an Excel Worksheet in Windows Explorer it displays the first sheet in the preview pane. I then open the file. In Excel practically everything is locked out (all the menus, tabs, buttons etc), I can't do any much except enter data. If I close Excel and immediately double click the same Excel file to reopen it everything works! Now if I go back to Explorer with Excel still open and click in to the preview and then go back to Excel it's all stopped working.
Like this the preview pane is a PITA! Anyone know of a way to stop the preview interfering with the application?
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Re: Windows 7 Explorer preview pane and Excel 2010

I've never used Windows 7 but I assume that you could turn off the preview pane. Sorry I can't tell you how because, as I said, I've never used this version of Windows.
Not an ideal solution perhaps but useful until Microsoft provides a fix.