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Windows 10 "insiders" read this...

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Windows 10 "insiders" read this...

Ooops !... Microsoft release an "update" that could impact on  usability of the machine...


Windows 10 blunder - If you get this update from Microsoft DON'T install it


From that page....


"If you received this build (from RS_EDGE_CASE) on your PC: Please be aware that this build was never intended to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC – more so than the normal builds we give you.

"You can either sit tight and wait for us to publish a newer build to you or you can roll-back to the previous build via Settings > Update & security > Recovery. And check your Windows Insider Program settings.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): Quote fixed.


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Re: Windows 10 "insiders" read this...

I watched it happen!

It tried to install on my x86 tablet but failed...


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Re: Windows 10 "insiders" read this...

"these builds will not install on devices that are not joined to the Windows Insider Program (a.k.a. 'retail')."

So pretty much a non-story. Any person not running the Insiders build even if offered it would not install. So 99% of Windows 10 users were not impacted by this.

and yes i am on slow ring but did not get this update Thumbs Up

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Re: Windows 10 "insiders" read this...

@rongtw  Er.... sorry... I fail to see how you can suggest that the story about MS making a mistake for "insider" users and reporting it, can be a "bit of a "non-story"..  


certainly it is a non story for "non insider users"....


. if there was a report that Diesel was not going to be sold on PETROL forecourts... then that would be an important story for diesel vehicle owners...


but certainly a "non-story" for petrol powered vehicle owners...