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Windows 10 and Bioshock (plus a few others)

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Windows 10 and Bioshock (plus a few others)
You can play all kinds of games on your Windows 10 PC — including Xbox One titles, thanks to its built-in streaming support. There are two kinds of games you can’t play, however: games that are “infected” with Securom or SafeDisc DRM.
Windows 10 simply doesn’t support either DRM scheme. Why? It has to do with various security upgrades Microsoft made to Windows 10. It’s not possible for software to dig its claws deep down into certain critical system areas any more. That’s a good thing, because it should make it harder for malware to compromise a Windows 10 machine.
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Re: Windows 10 and Bioshock (plus a few others)

yet the steam/origin versions work just fine, it seems its all down to the physical discs, when explains why farcry doesn't work from disc but when I added it to my steam library I was able to download an newer version and presto worked fine Tongue
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