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Windows 10 Sound Issue

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Windows 10 Sound Issue

Last night my grandson called me on Skype.
After a brief conversation he said I sounded like a robot and couldn't understand me (he doesn't know about Chipmunks) and the call was ended.
I did a Skype test call and when played back I sounded like a Chipmunk (cartoon variety).
I reinstalled the Logitech software (I have a Logitech webcam) with no luck.
I installed the latest Windows 10 Realtek drivers (onboard sound) from their site with no luck.
This morning I plugged in a stand-alone microphone and did the Skype test call....success.
I tried the Logitech webcam again and back to Chipmunk.
So I assume from this that the webcam microphone software is the culprit (they only have up to Windows 8.1 drivers available.
So now I decide that a new webcam is required and what better than a Microsoft webcam as it HAS to be fully compatible doesn't it.
I looked at this one but when I click the support tab and the OS drop-down what do I Windows 10 option Angry
So Microsoft hasn't yet caught up with....Microsoft leaving me with a choice....get one of these Microsoft web-cams in the hope that it will come with a mini CD of Windows 10 drivers or wait for Logitech to release Windows 10 drivers.
Windows 10 Firefox 109.0 (64-bit)
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Re: Windows 10 Sound Issue

Is there a "compatiblity mode" otion so you can use it on 10 as if on 8.1 ? ? ?  (or further back Vista .....xp  ? ? ?  )
I had a sound problem when I got this new laptop with 8.1 on it.... and found that Windows was updating the driver for the PL2303 usb converter, to solve it I had to disable, and uninstall the driver... stop windows auto updating.. and installed the Vista 32 bit driver on 8.1 64bit laptop....
now works perfectly...