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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update available 17th October

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update available 17th October

The next update of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, will be available worldwide October 17. With the Fall Creators Update we are introducing some fun, new ways to get creative. As part of the update we will deliver an evolution to the photos experience that will let you tell your story like never before using photos, videos, and 3D effects; enhancements in gaming, security, accessibility, and immersive new experiences made possible by Windows Mixed Reality. All of this innovation will be brought to life by a range of beautifully designed, and feature rich modern devices available from our hardware partners this holiday.


I must have been really bad in a previous life as this was my 3rd ISP in a row that used lithium.
Now you're stuck with me because my new ISP doesn't run a forum Cheesy
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Re: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update available 17th October

Sounds like more stuff I don't need to clog up the bits I do want.   Undecided

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Re: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update available 17th October

Hmm.... Seems like Windows 10... should be relabled.  "Windows Nanny State" version 10.. 


I use various programs to view, and edit my pics and videos... and I don`t need to have "windows nanny state" 10  making me do it "their" way...  If I want to tell a story with my pics & vids, I, and I am sure thousands of others,  can do it without the "update" that will clog up the system for them...  Is it true, that Windows 10 updates are compulsory.. and you have no choice as to whether to install or not.... 

I ask, because I`ve updated from Windows 10  (original downgrade)... to WIndows 7 ... and I`m very happy ! !  SmileySmileySmiley