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Wifi no longer secure

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Wifi no longer secure
Wifi is no longer secure and can be cracked very easy while not everyone is going to hack your wireless this information is worth knowing about
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Re: Wifi no longer secure

Grrrr .. I started reading it, then got the horrible double underlining ads, which I understand were from Intellitext, now from Vibrant Media .. not that the name change makes any difference, still really annoying.
I'll have to copy and paste it into Notepad.
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Re: Wifi no longer secure

Hmm, sorry but this looks more like a classic piece of unverified snake oil being thrown out to scare the nervous. Especially as it originates from a company with a vested interest in selling brute force password cracking s/w. Read the comments from 'Hans' and others on the news 'source' :-
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Re: Wifi no longer secure

It's long been known that if you want a lot of parallel processors that run horrendously quickly - but with little memory usage then the DSP in a graphics card is ideal.