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Why are my connections so unstable?

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Why are my connections so unstable?



I have multiple devices connected to my router in a variety of ways, WiFi, powerline adapters and a LAN connected Google Wifi router. However for a lot of the devices there doesn't seem to be stable connections for any of the options.


For the WiFi I have Sony Bravia TVs that will connect and then randomly disconnect and not reconnect again without being rebooted, whereas the Sony Playstation (right beside one of the TVs) always has a strong and stable connection; the powerline adapter connected BT Vision HDVR will sometimes connect, however rarely; and the devices connected through the Google Wifi router also seem to have intermittent connections.


Having read some other posts I have had a look at the log, and while I don't know what I'm looking for it doesn't look like I would expect. There are a lot of lease renewals by the same devices within very short time periods, LOADS of blocked packages for a variety of reasons including "default policy", "first packet invalid", "First packet in connection is not a SYN packet", "Packet not in tcp window", "Packet invalid in connection" and "Invalid tcp flags for current tcp state".


Is anyone able to offer some advice?


Thanks for any help,


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Re: Why are my connections so unstable?

Which router model?


I must admit I don't use the stock PN router. I've got a TP Link C9 AC1900 which seems to be bullet proof, even more so since I added a small UPS to its supply cable - very rural round here. Have you tried all the various line tests or is it just a WiFi problem i.e. your connection doesn't drop but the WiFi does?


Have you tried using known problem devices individually, without anything thing else connected? Quite obviously if it still falls operating on its own then that is definitely a problem. Trying other devices individually and if they stay connected would sort of rule out problems with the router. If they all continue to fall over, time to look at the router (location?).


whereas the Sony Playstation (right beside one of the TVs) always has a strong and stable connection

Unfortunately WiFi can be like that. My weather station is sited next to the heating controller. Both on the same band. If I put the weather station where I really would like it, it stops picking up the stuff outside. But with just a slight bit of line of sight, it is 100% connected.


Presumably you are using dual bands? Have you downloaded any apps to check whether you have any WiFi conflicts with neighbours etc. Plenty of apps out there that will tell you what channels are in use nearby.

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Re: Why are my connections so unstable?

I'm guessing various types of interference.

Try using some proper ethernet wired connections.

All those messages are indicative of lost or corrupted packets.

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