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What is it with 5Vdc power supplies??

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What is it with 5Vdc power supplies??

I have just had to order another 2 universal power supplies of the internet. One for my Swan Max IP cam and the other for a Dlink DWL 900 access point. That is now a total of 4 5Vdc supplies I have replaced in the past couple of years. One previously for a different Dlink DWL 900 AP and one for my Linksys WAP54G access point.
Why is it only the 5Vdc supplies that pack in?
I thought it might be the output from my APC 3000RM UPS but the Linksys supply went before I had the UPS and the first Dlink supply was at the other side of the network in my friends house.
Thankfully the (already replaced) universal supplies so far appear to be sturdy. Anyone else have similar issues?
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Re: What is it with 5Vdc power supplies??

We had a 5.1V power supply die on the router at work (BT 2700HGV Business Hub).  I am now using this router at home with a Maplin universal supply set at 5V.
One thing I'd note is that different routers (for example) run on different voltages but most have a similar power requirement.  For a DC power supply the power is the voltage multiplied by the current, this means that a lower voltage requires more current for the same power, more current probably means more stress unless all components are proportianately uprated.  There must be a good reason why some manufacturers prefer to use lower voltages than others.
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