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What is and do I need "net framework"

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What is and do I need "net framework"

It's on my XP Home computer and Windows Ypdate keeps advising me of updates for versions 1 and 2, but these fail to load. I am left wondering what Net Framework does and if for a househilder single computer it is a necessity.
If it is, would it be worthwhile to completely un-install it thoroughly and start over? On that and doing a complete un-install I would appreciate guidance.
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Re: What is and do I need "net framework"

Some other bits of software need it.
If you haven't installed anything that refuses to run because DNFW is missing or out of date just ignore it.
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Re: What is and do I need "net framework",60945.0.html
If it is needed then the application concerned will usually say so. In practice very few apps use .NET framework so you can safely ignore the updates - in fact just untick them then say you dont want to be informed again.
I also had problems with some of them failing to install, I had to completely remove all traces then force a re-install to get it to work so better for you to just ignore them.